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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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View installed application that Patch My PC doesn´t support.

It would be good to find apps that is not Supported by Patch My PC. Publishing tool finds apps that is not installed by Intune. Where users have installed them. And that is great. The idea:Add a column In the view "Scan Intune for supported Produc...
Thomas Åhlstedt about 1 year ago in Reporting (Legacy SSRS) 0 SUBMITTED


iManage Work is already on your list, but i would also like to add the other iManage applications: iManage Share and iManage Drive
Geir Frydenlund 30 days ago in Application Request 0 SUBMITTED


Windows exe app Convene
PRASAD CHANDRAN 11 days ago in Application Request 0 SUBMITTED

Make Dell Command Configure available

Make Dell Command Configure available. A lot of IT Admins use this dell tool to update Dell BIOS configuration
Guest 7 days ago in Application Request 0 SUBMITTED

Can you add AutoDesk DWG TrueView

We use this for viewing the DWG files and it's painful to install as it's downloaded and installed via a stub and when you run the stub you have to give admin rights so it downloads to the wrong user profile.
Guest 6 months ago in Application Request 0 SUBMITTED

CISA KEV Patching Prioritization

My InfoSec team is requesting that I prioritize CISA KEV ( listed vulnerabilities. It would be incredibly helpful if PMPC could integrate the CISA KEV list into their product and provide...
Scott Wolfersberger 2 months ago in Patch My PC Publisher 0 SUBMITTED

Please add LEAP - Legal Practice Solutions

Whole business runs on this software and is widely used by other legal companies.
Guest 6 months ago in Application Request 0 STARTED

App Request: reMarkable desktop app

Seeing more end users using these cloud notepads to write down notes and transfer the written notes to their local computers/laptops. Easier for notetaking/travel.
Mario Del Toro 4 months ago in Application Request 4 SUBMITTED
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Allow multiple copies of app for different configurations

Allow creating multiple copies of an application so that you can have different configurations of the application. For example, if an application is licensed with a post-script, but different departments have a separate license for the app, it...
Guest about 4 years ago in Patch My PC Publisher 32 SUBMITTED
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Intune support for MacOS

Lot's of MEM customers are also using MacOS devices. Would be great if this was also supported within PatchMyPC. The way of packaging is mostly the same as for Windows devices
Thijs Lecomte about 3 years ago in Patch My PC Publisher 24 SUBMITTED