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Install Package as Default ScriptRunner Behavior

One of the most common requests that I get on PatchMyPC Installs, compared to my own packages, is to be able to just install the application from the Executable without having to run it from command line with the /InstallPackage parameter.

To that effect, would you be able to make the install action the default action when the EXE is run? If this cannot be done, just including a shortcut in the install package that could do it would help. As it stands, if I wanted to do that I would have to add it to ever package individually.

  • Chris Macnichol
  • Jan 21 2021
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  • Claudio Mendes commented
    26 Jan 07:01am

    +10 votes ^^

  • Chris Macnichol commented
    21 Jan 05:51pm

    That is correct. We use the packages both for SCCM and as an Approved source of software for our Desktop Support team. Pushing through SCCM is what I recommend to them, but there are times where either that is not working or the user needs it immediately.

    In the later cases, the team just runs the package and SCCM will pick up on it later on. I am trying to get them out of the habit of using the Install Files manually and the easier I make the packages to use, the better. My other packages all use the PSADT so they are used to just installing it from a single EXE now without having to use a command window.

  • Admin
    Justin Chalfant commented
    21 Jan 04:58pm

    Hey Chris,

    Is the use case here for if people want to manually install the application from the content source folder rather than a normal ConfigMgr app deployment?

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