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Created by Merlijn Van Waeyenberghe
Created on Mar 16, 2021

Clean up ConfigMgr Software Update Groups and Deployment Packages

For lack of a manual or automated clean-up procedure on SUGs and Update Deployment Pkgs, it would be really cool to have the PmP publishing service do a clean-up. Here's what I saw at a customer today...

The package for PmP content had accumulated to over 18GB, of which the majority was no longer deployed, not required and/or superseded. After cleaning those up manually, the package size was down to only 6GB. The updates that were no longer required included MS Edge x86, which was once added to the published updates as it was found in the ConfigMgr DB ad being installed on a number of computers. No longer so. So maybe we should have an option to do the reverse lookup and see which products are no longer in the DB and therefore no longer need updates.

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