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Ability to create Custom App updates and base installs

would really be awesome and useful to be able to use pmpc as a way to publish other non public stuff. For instance software behind paywalls that pmpc couldnt get hands on, in house private/custom/non public software, or just as a way to push files/scripts and so on to devices... What i mean is if pmpc could add somekind of custom package creator through maybe somekind of easy gui wizard like maybe 1 2 3 steps (example could be perhaps a basic simplified way similar to how we can create app packages in sccm) would really be useful too many people.

  • Claudio Mendes
  • Mar 19 2021
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  • Guest commented
    7 Oct 07:49am

    Would be grate to manage apps from the catalogue and own applications within just one application.

  • Joe Hegyi commented
    23 Jun 11:37am

    Since PMPC wouldn't know specifics about custom applications, maybe allow uploading a JSON file or something similar with all the settings for Intune. PMPC could use that to fill out the information that PMPC employees normally do for 3rd party apps.

  • Guest commented
    13 May 05:00am

    Its would be added value if customers can add their own private apps into pmpc catalog. this will allow them to manage the private apps smoothly

  • Simon QUEAU commented
    31 Mar 06:48am

    Would be so useful to have only one Portal for homemade application and public application

  • Jérôme COUËTOOUX du TERTRE commented
    30 Mar 05:35pm

    C'est pour moi la killer feature absolue

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