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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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Created by Andrew Jimenez
Created on Mar 3, 2022

Handle or Manage Application Prerequisites (Dependency)

Patch My PC should be able to handle application prerequisites, for example:

Apple iTunes requires Apple Bonjour to be installed before installation success is possible

The same is true of TechSmith's Snagit and Microsoft WebView2 runtime.

The Patch My PC publisher should be able to add dependencies for these applications to ensure that the dependencies are installed and reduce application installation failures.

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  • George Simos
    May 27, 2024

    Besides the initial applications, this applies to updates too. For example Remote Desktop Manager from Devolutions latest versions, require .Net Core 8 installed, there is a script check that fails the installation if it's missing from PMPC but that's half the solution to the problem.

    Moreover, if a PMPC created application has been manually edited to include Prerequisites, those must be retained after an application update (or a creation of a new one, depending the settings for them in PMPC).

  • Raymond Housz
    Mar 21, 2024

    VMware Workstation requires Visual C++ Runtime

  • Chris Hardstaff
    Sep 29, 2023

    We would like to specify that Git should be installed before Atlassian Sourcetree

  • Guest
    Aug 31, 2022

    Microsoft Power BI requires Microsoft WebView2, too

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