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Option to create custom detection rule/method

We would like to have an option to create a custom detection rule for some applications. E.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader gets updated automatically but I don't want to offer this application as "new" to our users, since everything will get updated eventually (after update cycle). For this We'd have to configure a custom detection to include a range of versions. Thanks.

  • Sebastian Schaal
  • Apr 1 2022
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  • Sebastian Schaal commented
    26 Apr 06:31am


    too bad, I am not sure this will be working for us. With a custom detection rule we would have the possibility to still offer uninstall option. This is not possible if we remove it by a collection scope. Also, a filter by collection would rely on the collection to update and ignores client settings. I understand, that you don't want to change your program for every single customer, but I am confused this was never requested before. Anyways, thank you very much for your time.

  • Admin
    Cody Mathis commented
    25 Apr 12:06pm


    Appreciate the additional information. It may be best to adjust your collection instead of your detection rule here. If your goal is to "need Adobe Reader to get offered for clients that do not have any version at all" then you can have a collection that excludes all devices which have Adobe Reader 2022. This ensures that your endpoints are only offered Adobe Reader if it is not already installed and you can roll out new versions using the update mechanism instead.

    I do think we will still investigate custom detection, but based on what you have provided I would suggest adjusting your collections as it is an immediate solution you can implement and you won't end up with an inaccurate detection method.

    You should be able maintain the version of Adobe Reader with software updates on whatever cadence you want, and have your Adobe Reader application available for installation when the software is not already installed. This can be controlled based on the devices you target with your collection rules.

  • Sebastian Schaal commented
    22 Apr 09:11am

    Hello, sorry it took so long, but I wanted to have an example ready to explain my issue. As you can see, I currently have Adobe Reader installed with version 2022.001.20085. Just now a new version (2022.01.20117) has been released and is now avialable over the Software Center. I would like to change the detection rule so this new version does not get offered to my clients for installation. Our clients get updated once a month, so this is not necessary. Since we still need Adobe Reader to get offered for clients that do not have any version at all, the only way to control this is by a custom detection rule that does not offer Adobe Reader for installation if ANY version of 2022 is already installed.

  • Admin
    Andrew Jimenez commented
    5 Apr 09:25pm

    Agreed with Adam, some additional clarification here would be nice. Is this for WSUS updates or Intune Updates, they use different mechanisms for applicability. Our rules also look for version >=, so if an older version of an app/update is deployed, it should not show as applicable anyway.

  • Admin
    Adam Cook commented
    4 Apr 04:52pm

    "so it doesn't install/get offered for self-service after each minor update." - this bit I'm having a hard time understanding. In what scenarios do you not want an update to install (to the point where you want to change its detection logic)? If you changed an update's detection logic to ensure it doesn't install... instead, perhaps don't deploy it?

  • Sebastian Schaal commented
    4 Apr 05:52am

    I'd like to have either the possibility to create custom detection rules, or the option to disable PMPC detection rules.

    There are a few scenerious where this is needed. Adobe is an example for an application with frequent updates. I'd like to create a detection rule that includes multiple app versions, so it doesn't install/get offered for self-service after each minor update.

  • Admin
    Adam Cook commented
    1 Apr 02:25pm

    I don't understand your use case, may you elaborate? If I read your request correctly, you would like to modify Adobe detection logic to ensure it doesn't install?

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