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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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Created by Claudio Mendes
Created on Jul 24, 2019

Sysinternals Suite

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  • Adam Cook
    Jul 26, 2021

    @Derek, kindly create a uservoice item for each of the apps you would like - this way there's a clear scope of the request. Sysmon64.exe seems possible - because after running the command to install the service, the binary copies itself to the Windows directory and the service runs from there.

  • Derek Hansell
    Jul 23, 2021

    Sorry to necro a thread, but, at least some of these tools do support installation.


    Sysmon64.exe -i -n -accepteula installs sysmon64 as a service on the computer

  • Claudio Mendes
    Jun 10, 2020
  • Peter Maudlin
    Oct 22, 2019

    If you want the latest Sysinternals Suite without any installation you can always map a drive to them with the steps documented at:



    If you want them to follow you...use group policy preferences to map the drive for your user account.

  • Admin
    Justin Chalfant
    Sep 29, 2019

    We can't add this product since it's just portable binaries, and it doesn't support any installation.

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