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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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Created by Adam Cook
Created on Feb 2, 2023

Support for non-installable (portable / standalone) software

At this time Patch My PC can generally only support software that's "installable". In other words, come with an installer in form of .exe/.msi where the installer places the software in consistent and predictable locations on disk and registry data.

This idea is to add support for software which are non-installable (aka "portable " or "standalone") software / .exe's. This software can generally be placed anywhere on disk and launch simply by calling the .exe without an installation process.

Please comment below with software you know that requires this, e.g.

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  • Claudio Mendes
    Feb 4, 2023

    there are some must have like nearly all the sysinternals and nirsoft tools/apps comes to my mind but there are for sure lot’s of others

  • Claudio Mendes
    Feb 2, 2023