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Created by Joel E.G.
Created on Feb 13, 2024

WinSCP - Configuration keys on HKCU


We are trying to integrate WinSCP using PatchMyPc, but we found that most of the configurations for this product are HKCU registry keys. You are possible aware that opening user profiles in a Post-Script, may corrupt some of the existing user profiles.

Maybe this product needs to be reevaluated, as many companies we are trying to deliver this product with as little customization as possible. Since the automatic update of this application can only be disabled through HKCU keys, we will automatically have to make some customizations because the "disable automatic update" option is not available for this application through PatchMyPC, and obviously users do not have elevated rights to perform updates. Also, it does not justify the fact that changing technologies from EXE to MSI to add customisations every time the product changes. And it doesn't solve the fact that both products (EXE & MSI) are offered on PatchMyPC catalogue to be used.

If I may add the fact that the product cannot be upgraded if the there's already a User installation on their own profile. The Patch or ConfigMgr App on SCCM will be deployed only as System. So, this also adds that it needs to be removed before trying to install the new version with the enterprise configurations avoiding to have a dual entry on the users machines.

Any ideas on what will be the best option to handle this kind of situations ?.

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  • Admin
    Dan Gough
    Apr 9, 2024

    Our Publisher does not currently support adding HKCU registry keys to disable an uninstaller. This could be handled via a post-script, for example using PSAppDeployToolkit's Invoke-HKCURegistryForAllUsers function. Another possibility would be to create an MST for the MSI in Master Packager, which has a built-in custom action type to import a reg file for every user. We cannot currently pre-supply our own MST files for our own applications either. We will keep this item open for now though as these would both be useful enhancements.

    As for handling the per-user intall of WinSCP, we are in the midst of adding this to our catalog. It will then be possible to enable updates along with a forced uninstall for this so that you can purely manage the per-system installation in your environment.