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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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Sync only selected apps/updates during a sync

The ability to sync only a specific add/update would be a nice feature. PMPC has a lot of excellent automation features that is initiated from a sync.. This does present a challenge for those with set standard release schedules(aka monthly...
Dan Dirksen over 3 years ago in Publishing Service 12 SUBMITTED

Option to not include version information in Deployment Type name

We already have the "Do not include the version in the application name, so the application name doesn't change after updates" option but it would be nice if we could also exclude the version information from the Deployment Type name. We have "Jab...
Guest 19 days ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED

Inventory Scanner - show which apps are not managed by PMPC

Even though PMPC will not manage all apps in existence, it would be nice to flag the apps which aren't supported by PMPC.Maybe add another column in the inventory scanner with shows with YES/NO if it's supported or not.
Guest 5 months ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED

Support App updates based on Rapid7 vulnerability results

We use a tool called Rapid7 Insight agent to collect and report on device risk in the organization. This tells us if Chrome has vulnerabilities and have published fixes that require us to deploy an update for the application. This applies to other...
Casey Throop 11 months ago in Publishing Service 4 SUBMITTED

Please add Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services 2019

Please add Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services 2019, currently the application has 2017 but not 2019. unless I am missing something. thank you.
Guest 9 months ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED

Remove prompt for UAC when opening Patch My PC Publisher

The Publisher's UI prompts for UAC because Settings.xml is needed for read/write in Program Files. Moving this to another location eg ProgramData would enable teams without local administrator rights on servers to manage our software.
Adam Cook 5 months ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED

Remove assignments in the Publisher should actually remove the assignments for the Intune app

Currently when using the Manage assignments option for an Intune app/update in the Publisher, you are able to both add and remove assignments. However, when you run the sync it will add any new assignments to the Intune app but not remove any. Thi...
Trevor Jones 2 months ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED

Remap success exit codes to reboot codes from Updates

I have an update that returns exit code 0 even when we require a reboot for a SSO component. Problem: Citrix Workspace LTSR sso does not work until I reboot after installation.Workaround: Deploy and upgrade using customized Application User Experi...
Chase about 1 month ago in Publishing Service 1 SUBMITTED

Include custom toast notification for non-third party applications

Can we purchase or get the ability to use this toast notification as part our subscription plan to use for other packaged applications that we use internally? We are working on this internally, but our customers already see and expect this now and...
Christopher Larson 12 months ago in Publishing Service 1 SUBMITTED

Add filter to "Scan Intune for Supported Products" to scan AADJ devices only or a M365 group

The "Scan Intune for Supported Products" tool on the "Intune Updates" section of the Patch My PC Publishing Service could benefit from having the option for a filter to only query devices with a particular AAD join type. For instance, we have many...
David Allen 3 months ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED