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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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User Notification 'Close and Update' use CloseMainWindow

Right now the 'Close and Update' button in the new notification feature will use the .Kill method and immediately close the process, not prompting the user to save their work. Can the .CloseMainWindow method be used instead to allow the user to sa...
Cody Mathis over 2 years ago in Publishing Service 1 SHIPPED

Change description text for Intune packages

Being able to change the description to match the language of the country the software is used in would be beneficial for us. We also have a case where the pulled text states it the free version but we apply a license to it so it's no longer free....
Christian Jensen over 2 years ago in Publishing Service 1 SHIPPED

Introduce publish failure notifications & handling if MST missing

We recently found that an application was being published & its configured MST was missing, the failure was in the PMPC logs but the publishing notification email stated it was successful with no errors. We have a specific OH&S business re...
Rob Dearson 12 months ago in Publishing Service 2 SHIPPED

Schedule Patch Tuesday +1 (Offset From Date)

In Belgium Patch Tuesday (for MS updates) starts around 7pm (almost at the end of the second Tuesday of the month). So in SCCM we run our ADR the next day just before business hours to be sure to have all updates.In SCCM you can schedule the 2nd T...
Pepijn Vermeersch almost 4 years ago in Publishing Service 1 SHIPPED

Command line option

In the modify command line option we see and can set aditional arguments... but it would be nice to be able to see the full existing command just to make sure and verify no error is being made
Claudio Mendes almost 3 years ago in Publishing Service 0 SHIPPED

Option in the Publisher to list all updates in the latest catalog

The ability to see the updates and versions of supported software in the catalog . as sometimes its useful to verify the version that would be deployed before enabling or even just doing a comparison.
Ken D over 2 years ago in Publishing Service 1 SHIPPED

Re-Add Option to Show/Hide Already Enabled in the SCCM Application Scan

We recently removed a feature that would hide products already enabled in the SCCM application scan dialog. We removed it because sometimes customers would not see this checkbox to <Show already enabled products.> We have received feedba...
Justin Chalfant over 3 years ago in Publishing Service 0 SHIPPED

Add - Unit Test for Local Content on package Info

Currently, when you open Package information, if you click on the DownloadURL for any content that is pulled from a public website is downloaded. For products that require a local copy - JAVA - it would be nice if when the link is clicked it inste...
Jordan Benzing about 2 years ago in Publishing Service 0 SHIPPED

Add "Search Next"Button for software/updates search

If you want to serch a product with for example "Studio" in context you can now only search for 1 item, it would be great to search for the next hit!
Guest over 1 year ago in Publishing Service 4 SHIPPED

Allow any app to have 'conflicting processes' configured

Currently, only apps with pre-defined 'conflicting processes' have the option lit up. I would like any app to be able to have 'conflicting processes' defined. My current use-case for this is upgrading Teams from x86 to x64 using the machine-wide i...
wmadm90 over 1 year ago in Publishing Service 1 SHIPPED