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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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Add a checkbox to Intune CSV Export to allow Automatic Export at Sync

PowerBI using a gateway is capable of refreshing data on a set interval from a spreadsheet. However, exporting this data is currently a manual process for the end user. Providing the ability to allow an automatic export post sync, and provide a de...
Jordan Benzing almost 3 years ago in Reporting (Legacy SSRS) 0 NOTED

SCCM Console Deployment

After a SCCM/MEMCM Upgrade, all consoles need to be upgraded. Currently PMPC doesn't create a deployment for the MECM Console. If it could somehow check the MEMCM infra version, and then pull the console.exe and then deploy it. The console self-up...
Guest over 4 years ago in Application Request 7 NOTED

Timetabling Solutions

Timetabling Solutions V10 is a sophisticated software program for constructing, managing and publishing school timetables. It is developed and supported by professional timetablers and used by over 60% of independent schools within Australia.
Guest 6 months ago in Application Request 14 NOTED

Scan Intune: Allow Defender ATP data to be used instead of Intune

Use Defender ATP for Intune application inventory for the scan utility and publishing rules Mentioned in this article:
Adam Cook over 3 years ago in Patch My PC Publisher 2 NOTED

Microsoft Visio Viewer updates

Visio Viewer is often used by companies where Visio licensing is either unaffordable or not required Visio Viewer 2016
Guest almost 5 years ago in Application Request 6 NOTED

Balsamiq Wireframes

Quick and Easy Wireframing Tool Sketch your User Interface ideas and get everyone on the same page.
Guest about 3 years ago in Application Request 1 NOTED

Add Clickshare Extension Pack

My organisation uses these devices to remotely display from compatible devices. It would be useful to get updated drivers. This was previously evaluated here as incompatible due to lack of file/registry version numbers, but I can confirm that ...
Guest over 4 years ago in Application Request 5 NOTED

Security Dashboard Inverted Search

We would like an option to list by remediation rather than CVE. Some remediations cover multiple CVEs and we feel it would be more effective to filter in this way.
tom pionk 2 months ago in Reporting (Advanced Insights) 0 NOTED

Make PatchMyPC-ScriptRunner.exe exit code same as pre/post script

If the application's installer exit code is a success, and the user has a pre or post script define, please consider allowing PatchMyPC-ScriptRunner.exe to exit with exit code of the pre or post script. It might be ideal for an admin to fail the i...
Adam Cook about 3 years ago in Patch My PC Publisher 1 NOTED

Notify for New CVEs/Threats in the Treat Analytics View

If there is a new threat or CVE found in the environment, it would be great to get notified via email or a webhook like Teams. How many devices? The score of CVE / Severity Maybe not in the email, but link to the vulnerability being tracked Remedi...
Justin Chalfant about 1 year ago in Reporting (Advanced Insights) 0 NOTED