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Created by Jan Ketil Skanke
Created on Jul 5, 2021

Intune: Remove Apps and Updates from Intune when I choose to remove the app from Publisher

A lot of customers get confused when the apps are kept assigned and available via Intune after the app has been "un-ticked" in the PMPC publisher.

Suggestion: Have a global setting: Make publisher the source of authority for all PMPC published apps and updates. (Yes/No) . If that it set to yes, autodelete all apps on next sync when apps or updates are unticked in publisher.

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  • Ray Souza
    Oct 5, 2023

    Hi All

    Just ran into this issue.

    So if I understand it correctly if you uncheck the app/update it will remain in intune and will need to be manually deleted?



  • Adam Cook
    Jul 27, 2021

    I like that idea!

  • Jan Ketil Skanke
    Jul 26, 2021

    Response to Adam, another option:

    If I uncheck, give me options on that app:

    1: Delete all versions in Intune

    2: Delete only latest version in Intune

    3: Unnasign only in Intune

    4: Do nothing in Intune

    Many of our customers want to do most app management via PMPC for 3rd party apps. Not having to go to Intune to clean up. And the Intune all app management part does not have a good Search and filter option today.

  • Adam Cook
    Jul 26, 2021

    A counter thought to this idea: if customers experience bugs with vendor software e.g. Google Chrome and they need to roll back, generally we recommend unchecking the product in the Publisher, and co-ordinate uninstall and install assignments of problem version and last known good versions (respectively).

    The proposed checkbox could potentially introduce more confusion. It could also be very frustrating if the customer leaves the proposed checkbox enabled, making the Publisher the 'authority', and unchecks the product to then discover their apps for Google Chrome have been deleted (including old versions) - thus leaving them unable to roll back unless they manually recreate n-1 and latest Google Chrome apps.

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