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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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Created by Thore Albers
Created on Mar 28, 2023

Allow us to toggle the Delayed Applications info in E-Mail / Teams alerts

Thanks for adding the new feature for reporting on currently delayed application rollouts. Depending on how many apps you have published, it can lead to lots of extra info in reports/Teams. I'd like to suggest the following new toggles/settings:

  • Toggle 1: Turn on/off the Delayed ConfigMgr/Intune Applications section in reporting E-Mails and Teams webhook messages

    • Toggle 2: if Toggle 1 is enabled, only include the section on the Delayed apps if other apps were also updated / published. For Teams webhook messages, perhaps consider a separate option to disallow these here for better visibility of publishing failures/successes?

(One other idea: Reorder the reporting mails so delayed apps are shown after successful/failed other published apps?)

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