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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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Created by Michael Haferkamp
Created on May 27, 2021

Customized deployments based on Device Scope membership

On the Publisher.. you could configure a "+" button to the right of every Product. clicking on this lets you add a SCOPE to the product/category.. or select a scope that was already added. You would also be able to remove a SCOPE from the list.. discarding any custom settings for that product/SCOPE combination.

selecting a scope on the product/category.. would create a different set of configurable settings.. which ONLY apply to devices with the matching SCOPE. just create a new INI based upon the SCOPE name.

when an application install occurs.. if it has multiple ini files.. it would evaluate its membership in SCOPE collections. to evaluate if a given ini should be used.. (1st match wins.. otherwise.. it uses the generic ini for that product)

It might be better to create a compliance rule to pre-evaluate SCOPE device membership. I didnt see any powershell commands to discover this .. since its indirectly related through collection memberships.

This would make the current SCOPE assignments in the publisher unnecessary.

As a later step.. create a sccm console extension to manage all the publisher settings. restrict SCOPE changes based upon their admin SCOPE.

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