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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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Created by Sergio Romero
Created on Oct 4, 2023

Change command line in Sysmon

Changing the command-Line of Sysmon package is necessary to allow to import a config file to the installation, official usage is:

Sysmon64.exe -i [<configfile>]

Update configuration: Sysmon64.exe -c [<configfile>]

Install event manifest: Sysmon64.exe -m

Print schema: Sysmon64.exe -s

Uninstall: Sysmon64.exe -u [force]

To import a config file, the name of the file has to be next to "-i" parameter, the command-line pre-configured in PMP is "-i -accepteula".

It would be great if this can change to "-accepteula -i", which is the current configuration we use to install sysmon in the company.

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