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Created by Brian Kaiser
Created on Sep 19, 2023

Remove Manual Download Email Alerts when a Product's Updates are Paused

When a product update must be manually downloaded (for example, Right Click Tools), it is included as part of the Publishing Service Report email as a warning so that an admin is notified and can take action. However, these warnings occur even when a product has its updates paused. This causes unnecessary email notifications that an admin has intentionally chosen to halt updates for.

I believe that a product that has its updates paused should not contain warnings in the Publishing Service Report for a manual download. Furthermore, the paused applications list should only be included in the Publishing Service Report as part of other actions to avoid having a daily report that only says a product is paused.

To summarize:

  1. Products with paused updates should have notifications for manual downloads removed from the Publishing Service Report

  2. Paused product notifications should only be included as part of Publishing Service Reports that include success/failure/warning alerts for other products

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